This page is for domain, website building beginner.

How to make a website by myself, not using website builder?

How to make a website by myself, not using website builder, such as ? I will teach you here, step by step.

1. Register a domain

A domain is categorized to ccTLD & gTLD mainly, what are them ?

(.com) is the most common extension

(.xyz) is cheap but not good enough for brand.

2. Choose a VPS / share hosting / etc.

If you are a noob to website, domain and servers, I recommend you use a share hosting, you do not have to install the server yourself, but it has most of the necessary functions, as SQL, FTP....

Choose a share hosting here >>>

Just have your codes ready on your notepad, upload to the share hosting by ftp, or admin panel once the code is ready. But also you can do editing on the admin panel.

3. Configure your nameservers (NS)

Nameservers = NS

Go to your domain name's registrar, such as,

Go to the page of management of your domain name.

You have two ways to do it: ( choose 3.1 or 3.2 )

3.1 Using Registrar Provided NS

Just simply mange your domain's record on your registrar site. The simplest way for beginner.

3.2 Using customized NS

You can use other NS services provide public in the Internet.

Such as Cloudflare ( free and has advanced function ).

4. Add Records

A records - ( A ) :

It point "a host of your name" to a IPv4 address.

A host of your name = / /

these are all host of my name, ceteris paribus.

Therefore, when people visit your host, they are all pointed to a IPv4 address ( the server address )

CNAME records - ( CNAME ) :

It is the concept of alias, it can replicate an A record.

It point "a host of your name" to another "host"

The following are some examples for you.

Record type Name Content TTL

1| CNAME xxx (@) 3600

2| CNAME www (@) 3600

3| CNAME blog 3600

4| A abc (IPv4) 3600

5| A hi (IPv4) 3600

The meanings of above records:

1: has the same IP( both v4 & v6) as

2: has the same IP( both v4 & v6) as, finally =, they show the same page.

3: has the address of, both IPv4/v6, but you cannot fill a IP in CNAME's content.

4: points to ( server address )

5: points to ( server address )

When you set up, the above should change to your domain name, IP address should be your server address.

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